[1.28GB] The Great Replacement is Real - MistressArelia

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the-great-replacement-is-real-mistressarelia.mp4 [1.28GB] - I know what you're afraid of, white loser. You're afraid of your pure bloodline being eradicated from existence, that those you've deemed "inferior" are taking over. But that's nothing but projection. You know, deep down, that the white race is inferior and deserves to be stamped out, slowly, generation by generation, diluting your genes until they are no more. And I, the product of a white woman and an Asian man, am proof that this prophecy is well on its way to becoming reality. Face your fate, white loser. Accept your inferiority in the presence of a Superior Mixed Asian Goddess. Viewer is assumed to be a man, no genitalia mentioned. Find Me on Twitter @AllForArelia

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