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tapered-physique-vs-michelle-falsetta-taperedphysique.mp4 [3.61GB] - Tapered Physique travels from Florida to NYC to take on Michelle Falsetta for a fully competitive submission wrestling match. Tapered is 5 4 135 and has been wrestling for 4 years and she has been doing bjj for one year. Michelle is very muscular 5 4 160 and has been wrestling for over 20 years. She has incredible strength and has never said no to the gym. This is the first time these ladies wrestle and they go at on the mats like there is no tomorrow. You will see two very muscular ladies who know how to wrestle go at each other 100 competitive for 20 minutes. Michelle is 25 pounds heavier and has 15 more years of experience. Is Tapered Physique in trouble? Will Tapered Physique be outmatched or can she handle Michelle. You will get your answers once you watch this video.

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