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you-ll-never-have-a-girlfriend-eva-de-vil.mp4 [718.84MB] - [Custom, no name] So you’re asexual now? It doesn’t surprise me. You’ve clearly been sabotaging yourself your whole life. This must explain why, every time you’re alone with a woman, your dick stays as flaccid as a soggy biscuit. This little self discovery moment of yours is cute. But I have to ask myself: what use are you to a woman as an asexual? What woman would want you? What’s the point in you? You might as well not even have a penis. You’re worthless. Many women have a sex drive that’s just as great, if not greater, than men’s. I know I do. How can you ever have a girlfriend if you can’t sexually satisfy her? I’d never date a little asexual freak like you. It’s not even like you can make up for it in other departments. You’re just a tragic, unsuccessful loser, obsessed with my glamorous and perfect life. I’m going to generously offer you the chance at redemption for what a pointless man you are, by serving me. You don’t have to be a jerk junkie to be in my army. You just have to be dedicated to me.

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